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About Us

Welcome to JewelsnGems by Fozia Ashraaf

Designer in the latest of bespoke, handcrafted, traditional and contemporary styles for the South Asian bridal market.

Established in 2011 JewelsnGems has fast become one of the UK’s best bridal jewellery brands.  JewelsnGems hand craft every item from our dedicated workshops – traditional bridal, contemporary and high fashion pieces, we provide a large range of jewels to suit you.  Customised to perfection, to your specifications. JewelsnGems launches brand new and exclusive ranges monthly keeping you in the trendy and latest jewellery styles.

Over 90 percent of our client base are returning clients.. We can guarantee you will be sure to join them!!

JewelsnGems is registered and based in the UK, shipping worldwide with ease and committed  one to one customer service.